Digital Payments with Simplified Reconciliation

Instant, electronic payments take the hassle out of paying lumper fees with customized features created for LTL carriers.

Relay for LTL Carriers provides seamless digital lumper payments so your drivers can get back on the road, and simplified reimbursement so you can get back to business.

Trusted by leading carriers:

Why Carriers use Relay

Boost Hours of Service

Reduce detention times with instant payments, eliminating lengthy transactions on the dock.

Increase Revenue

Ensure simple customer reimbursement with digital receipts, efficient load closeout, and timely customer billing.

Prevent Fraud

Create a secure, real-time audit trail by removing cash and checks from the payment process.

#0 late-night phone calls
#0 lost receipts
#100% reimbursement
#Reduce time on dock by 20+ mins

Improving Operational
Efficiency for LTL Carriers


Manual Tasks

Manual processes drain time and resources. With many configuration options, Relay enables you to automate tasks to save your team time and allow your business to easily scale.



Splitting fees across multiple shipments was previously a cumbersome, hands-on process to calculate and create receipts individually. Relay makes it simple to allocate and reconcile fees associated with each shipment.




Unreconciled fees add to operational costs. Ensure reimbursement from your shipper with instant, electronic receipts and the right fees associated with the right shipments — improving your bottom line.



The Latest from Relay

Insights and updates about the logistics industry

Check out the Press Release for this new offering for LTL Carriers, continuing our mission to connect all logistics companies on a secure, modern payment network.
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New to Relay?

Carriers use Relay for instant, digital lumper payments to eliminate late-night phone calls, wasted time on dock, and lost receipts.

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"We have entrusted Relay to process millions of dollars in volume annually, and we've already been able to realize millions in savings through data integration, digitalization of receipts, and simplified reimbursements."

Todd Polen, VP of Pricing Services, Old Dominion Freight Line


"Relay is a game-changer. Now every time a payment is issued through Relay, our centralized team has a simple yet efficient reconciliation process. This tailored process meets our needs and our customers' needs as a top 10 LTL carrier."

Justin Self, Manager of Sales Support & Development, Southeastern Freight Lines