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Fuel Fraud & How Carriers Are Fighting It

See how digital payments are helping trucking companies avoid fuel fraud altogether in this free webinar.

Fuel fraud is on the rise nationwide, costing mid-sized carriers as much as $20,000 every month – not to mention the time and resources spent managing the fallout of that fraud. But fuel fraud doesn’t have to be part of the cost of doing business. Relay’s digital payments let carriers and drivers avoid fraud altogether by eliminating physical cards that can be skimmed or stolen.

In this webinar, industry experts will share their stories of dealing with fraud and how switching to Relay digital payments let them cut fraud risk and keep their drivers on the road.

  • No cards mean no risk of card skimming or duplication
  • Win back time spent addressing fraud incidents
  • Eliminate downtime and additional costs waiting for replacement cards
  • Drivers are safer when they’re not potential targets

Register now to learn more and see how you can stop accepting fraud and start avoiding it completely with digital fuel payments from Relay.